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This is a first quiz created to test students´ knowledge of Geology, ICT and culture.

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An introduction to geology

During our first work meeting in Lithuania, we were very privileged to be accompanied by Dr.Simonas Saarmann from the University of Lithuania,
Department of Geology and Minerology.
In his introductory lectures, he led us into the amazing world of geology.
Here are the slides from his lessons:

Following his "Shaping the Earth" lecture, Prof. Saarmann showed pupils how to create plasticene models of rock stratas .

Prof. Saarmaan also dedicated a further lecture to GEOTOURISM from a historical and cultural perspective. Here are his slides:

Teaching- learning English: A set of worksheets that can be used in classes. It´ll help to improve reading skills in English.

Diamonds ( level A2)

Using resources carefully ( level A2)

Caves ( level A2)

Exploring the past ( A2)

Erosion( level A2)

Mountains (level A2)

Glaciers and Icebergs (level A2)

Minerals and gemstones ( level B1)

Igneous intrusions ( level B1)

Igneous rocks ( level B1)

Sedimentary rocks ( level B1)

Earth´s crust ( level A2)

Collecting rocks ( level B1)

Hot water ( level A2)

A world of rock ( level A2)

Caves and caverns ( level B2)

Volcanic Islands( level A2)

Types of rock ( level C1)

Brhlove rocky dwellings ( level B2)

Metals ( level B1)

STONEHENGE ( level B2)


rock and soil- millionaire quiz

Let stones speak.png


English idioms about stones

Minerals in Lithuania


Mineral uses template

Rock stars ( level A2)

The rock cycle template

A slideshow about amber

A slideshow about minerals.

A slideshow about stones.

Comenius project exhibition at the school library


A project- Trapped in Amber

Interpreting the landscape that surrounds us
Fabrice, colleagues and pupils from Le Luc have put together an amazing video entitled "On the Roots of Mountains" which illustrates how, why and where the mountains near their school were formed.
Equipped with a geologist's tools and curiosity, they go on a voyage of their immediate environment, searching for clues which will prove that Les Maures are the remains of an ancient mountain range.
The pupils' powers of observation and deduction are triggered by structured hands-on exercises of field work.
Although a didactic unit like this takes time and great effort to prepare, it can be re-used for many years to come.
Well done French team!! An inspiration to all!

A video of a Lithuanian Geography leason.

Field work : Red maws

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