EU citizens are now fonder than ever of upgrading their electronic products. But what happens to our old gadgets? As Europeans grow more focused on the catchwords of sustainability and recycling, somehow we are still missing a huge opportunity with electronic products. Just think of all of the old phones, laptops, monitors, etc. that have piled up in our closets and garages or, even worse, ended up in our rubbish. At school we learned that all of these devices contain parts made of precious metals. As we all know, sources of precious metals are limited and many of them are in unstable parts of the world, so there is growing demand for recycling as a way to recollect and reuse precious metals.
That was the reason why we decided to collect and recycle used electronics in Sukromna zakladna skola in Giraltovce. First of all we found a company that collect used electronics, then we started collection itself. It took a week to collect old mobile phones, microwaves, washing machines, TV sets and many other types of electronical devices. Pupils were really enthusiastic. With the help of their family members, they were able to fill up two lorries.
As a result, we received 150€ which helped us to finance further project activities as well as spread the news about the possibility of recycling within local society. And next time you think about what to do with your old mobile phone, there might be an answer that makes you feel much greener about your attidute to nature and recycling.