The "collège Pierre de Coubertin"

Here is an inspiring, birds-eye view of Kaunas sent by Simonas. Thankyou!!

Landscapes of Central Var


Teaser "On the roots of mountains"

Environmental Camp in Tremp, Catalonia also known as Geologic cathedral landscape ( 3rd grade of ESO June 2014)

Recycling man

A souvenir of a wonderful work meeting.

The Italian team, made up of Guia, Jack (Giacomo), Kristian, Martina, Martine and Valentina put together these memorable moments.

Kristian did the editing.

A time lapse of the days we spent in Iceland.

Fabrice, colleagues and pupils from Le Luc have put together an amazing video entitled "On the Roots of Mountains" which illustrates how, why and where the mountains near their school were formed.
Equipped with a geologist's tools and curiosity, they go on a voyage of their immediate environment, searching for clues which will prove that Les Maures are the remains of an ancient mountain range.

A short video with a miner- slovak pupils asked a few questions about the work of miners in Banska Stiavnica, the centre of gold and silver mining in Slovakia.
Video is in Slovak lamguage, but the questions they asked:
1. How many people died while working in the mine? About 1000, maybe more.
2. When did the mining finish here in this area? In mid 50´s they stopped exploiting gold and silver, but everything was closed down in 1993.
3. What purpose is the mine used today? Only as a museum
, the only place in Slovakia where we exploit precious metals is Hordusa- Hamre.